Уникальный брендовый интернет-магазин, представивший новую услугу в мире украинской моды. Разработан на платформе Wordpress, включающей в себя множество уникальных компонентов, созданных нашими разработчиками.
The unique site created for a design company. The magnificent use of JS-technologies, including Pixi JS, NPM and Gulp allowed us to create a truly unique product. The site is intended for preliminary design selection for elite shower rooms. Here you can choose the colors of the marble dressing of the shower room, pick a color combination and print out the chosen option to place the final order.
Teneos is building technologies to power the facilitation of credit in a crypto world. Our solutions are designed to help individuals, SMEs, online lenders, banks and financial institutions take advantage of this new crypto emerging asset class.
Clinically proven radiology AI that flags acute pathologies as they enter the worklist. Supporting and enhancing the impact of radiologist diagnostic power.
TanksCity is a cross-platform online game based on good old tanks released for Dendy (BattleCity) game consoles. New web technologies, classic old school hardcore.