Optimizing Audience
The project for the internet marketing consulting service. We have created an innovative system for accepting payments and accessing the video-lessons.
Уникальный брендовый интернет-магазин, представивший новую услугу в мире украинской моды. Разработан на платформе Wordpress, включающей в себя множество уникальных компонентов, созданных нашими разработчиками.
Unique aggregation system for combining tasks from different sources: JIRA (server, cloud), Freshdesk, Trello, Asana, which may come in handy for a big development team. Implemented schemes of online task tracking and task multi-access. Vast opportunities for user cooperation.
Complex system that counts up the time automatically. Ideal for monitoring of a working process. Huge analysis capabilities, numerous formats of reports, synchronization with popular task tracking and data-sharing systems (Jira, PlusTask, Slack).
The unique site created for a design company. The magnificent use of JS-technologies, including Pixi JS, NPM and Gulp allowed us to create a truly unique product. The site is intended for preliminary design selection for elite shower rooms. Here you can choose the colors of the marble dressing of the shower room, pick a color combination and print out the chosen option to place the final order.