Single Vendor Marketplaces

Single Vendor Marketplaces web development project

Projects 1-3


"Wholesale store of brand clothes from Italy The administrator has the mechanism for multi-upload of the sale items, which is quite similar to the pictures uploading on Facebook. Also, we have added multiple additional user roles for wholesale customers.


The official webpage of the company that provides security and protection services for business and home. Customers can find here detailed info about the most modern guard systems and tools, get consulting from the managers and order all the necessary technological measures of civil protection.


Online home appliances store. Website administrators have a complex system for the advanced price comparison of different manufacturers. It helps them to find the most profitable price.

Projects 4-6


Online brand clothing store for youth. Full-featured online shop with the ability to make orders for users, item management panel, product categories. Includes PHPSender integration.

Sunny dogs

Learn more about pets' training and education with the website. You will find here everything from step-by-step dog training guides from dog breeders and feedbacks from dog lover community to advice from experts — experienced dog handlers.


Online climatic equipment store. The website has a very flexible system for items uploading at different prices and in different currencies. This project contains a tunable system for metatag management, allowing to fill in Meta even on the pagination pages and to prevent duplicates. Used technologies: rexengine, smarty, js, css, html.

Projects 7-9

Barmen Life

Online store for genuine coffee/tea lovers who appreciate the delicate taste and sophisticated aroma of high-quality morning beverages. The service provides the possibility to order not only a variety of coffee and tea blends but also all required equipment and supplies for true coffee connoisseurs.


Zlatka is an online book store focused on youthful readers. Caring parents are able to find here a wide range of educational games, moral and instructive children's literature, studying books, household goods and craft kits for creative self-development. Used technologies: Ext js.


Online store for wholesale and retail distribution of building materials, consumables, and tools, development of turnkey projects and consulting service on any issues related to the construction works field. Used technologies: laravel, js, css, html.

Projects 10-12


Online volleyball equipment and sports goods store. It’s on the top marketplace list and has been recognized by professional Ukrainian volleyball players.


Online plastic houseware and household products store. Its functionality meets the demands of both wholesale and retail clients. Used technologies: rexengine, smarty, js, css, html.


Online store specializing in electrical lighting appliances and accessories.

Projects 12-13

All You Want

Online fashion clothing store from the USA. The customer may filter the range of available products by attribute or its price.


Online patterns store for wooden box manufacturing. Here you can find all the required equipment and supplies.

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