Clinical image analysis resource

Project details

Web application that allows users to work with DICOM files, by uploading their files for 3D analysis and generating conclusions.

Format compatibilityDICOM / NIFTI


Transfer the functionality of the desktop application to the web version without losing features and convenience of usage.

  • 3D rendering
  • DICOM files upload
  • Layout and crop tools
  • RAR files upload
  • Radiology game for self check
  • Measuring instruments


Within a team consisting of more than 10 members, we have built multiple web apps that are capable for clinical images upload and analysis, have several tools for convenient work and gamification flow for self check.
  • Frontend

    • Webpack
    • Vue.js
    • DicomParser
  • Backend

    • PHP
    • Laravel
Slide 1
  • DICOM viewer
Slide 2
  • DICOM viewer
Slide 3
  • DICOM viewer
Slide 4
  • Screenshot tool
Slide 5
  • Layout tool
Slide 6
  • Rotation tool
Slide 7
  • Radiology game
Slide 8
  • Radiology game results example