Virtual sports events and betting platform

Project details

IgraTech is an online resource for taking part in sports events by making bets and spectating all key moments of the match.

Key moments animation500 + UNIQUE SCENARIOS

Data flow24/7


Create multi-tenant system which has high level of performance and meets all security requirements.

  • 3D animation rendering
  • Sports betting
  • Real time notifications
  • Recoverability and scalability
  • Multitenancy and security


Within a team consisting of more than 10 members, we have built a platform which allows users to make bets and be fully immersed in the competition process by visualization of the key moments of the game.
  • Frontend

    • React
  • Backend

    • PHP
    • Laravel
    • NodeJS
    • ExpressJS
    • WebSocket
    • RabbitMQ
  • Databases

    • MySQL
    • Redis
  • 3D Disign

    • Blender
    • Mixamo
  • AWS Infrastructure

    • CloudFront
    • Lambda
    • SNS
    • Media Convert
    • ECS, ECR, RDS
    • Cloud Watch
    • Elastic Load Balancer
    • EFS, S3
    • ElastiCache
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  • Event
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  • Incidents
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  • Statistics
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  • Statistics
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  • Deposit
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  • Live statistics
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  • My bets


Multi-tenant betting platform with a visualization function that contains more than five hundred game scenarios.
As the founder and CEO of Igratech Innovation, I worked closely with the WEBSPARK team for 3 months to create a prototype for our innovative platform. Despite working remotely and starting a startup from scratch, we were able to deliver a high-quality product. The team demonstrated professionalism and commitment to our goal, delivering the product on time!
Zafrir FeierFounder at Igratech