High performance online bookstore

Project details

Ranok.com.ua is an online bookstore which has been created to scale business of the largest publishing house in Ukraine. The latest technologies and agile system architecture allow the business to handle huge numbers of orders, gain more clients and increase revenues in rapidly changing market conditions.


Quantity capability30000+ PRODUCTS

Orders capacity2000+ PER DAY


Rebuild old system to meet clients’ requirements and business needs. Perform smooth data migration, maintain legacy code and eliminate system vulnerabilities.

  • Advanced catalogue with paper books, ebooks and table games
  • CRM and SEO Management
  • Coupons and Promo Campaigns


Within a team consisting of more than 10 members, we have built a robust online bookstore that fully meets client`s requirements, both functional and non-functional. Our solution includes high performance web app with several systems inside.
  • Backend

    • PHP
    • Laravel
  • Databases

    • MySQL
    • Redis
  • Infrastructure

    • LEMP
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  • Homepage
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  • Product page
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  • Catalog
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  • Cart
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  • Catalog
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  • Product page
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  • Checkout
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  • Checkout

2 000+

Around 2 thousand orders per day

30 000+

Online store has more than 30 thousand of different products


Different brands with its own marketplaces


We have built an online bookstore that has more than 30 thousand products and can handle more than 2000 orders per day.
Our priceless collaboration with WEBSPARK Company began 2 years ago. Since the first day of our work together, their specialists have developed more than 5 of our projects and still support them. Our projects include our main and corporate websites, teaser website, and educational games site.
Irina VeremenkoGeneral Manager at “Ranok” publishing house