ICWEB web development project

IceDist - is a multi-vendor marketplace, where the user can select the desired product and choose the supplier from which he wants to order, using the parameters of price, availability, GEO delivery parameters. The system can support 10+ million products items. Designed for high traffic loads. At that time, it is scaling and expanding. UI / UX handles delivering comfort and a positive user experience.

  • Completed on: 2019-10-04
  • Skills: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, JS, JQuery, ElasticSearch, PayPal API, Pelecard API, AWS stack of technologies, Bootstrap, SCSS, Webpack
  • Client: IceDist
  • Website: https://www.ice-dist.com/

Main page

Viewed products page

Product page

Cart page

Admin categories page

Admin Order list of products page

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