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Project details

WEBSPARK’s social project for the Kharkiv IT Cluster, where IT professionals can connect with Ukrainian vendors and get access to exclusive discounts and promotions not available to the general public.

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Develop an application in the shortest possible time that will be convenient not only for users but also serves the needs of vendor representatives.

  • Permanent discounts
  • Special offers and coupons
  • Several levels of users
  • Separate space for vendors
  • Embedded QR code scanner
  • Transaction history
  • Company email registration

Mass media
about project

ITC is an highly supportive project that has gained positive attention from Ukrainian mass media. Renowned publications have highlighted the immense benefits that this platform offers to its users.


With a team of more than 8 members, we have created a user-friendly system that supports useful functionality without an overloaded interface.
  • Backend

    • PHP
    • Laravel
  • Databases

    • MySQL
  • Mobile

    • React Native
  • Infrastructure

    • LEMP
    • Firebase
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  • Homepage
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  • Screens
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  • Sign in
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  • QR code
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  • Personal account
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  • Partners
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  • Account level
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  • Welcome sreens


Completed project on time, within budget, and met all objectives, resulting in improved efficiency and positive feedback from stakeholders.
The loyalty program for specialists of our community was working successfully until the full-scale invasion, but it was more focused on city hacks and discounts in Kharkiv. After February 24, everything changed, so we decided to change the concept of the program as well.I am very grateful to the WEBSPARK team for the excellent implementation of the application, which aligns with its philosophy and values. We wanted every person from the IT community, no matter where they find themselves, to remember that they are a part of a large IT Community that collaborates for the development of an ecosystem for technology businesses.
Olga ShapovalExecutive Director at Kharkiv IT Cluster