API-based statistical data provider

Project details

The social project of WEBSPARK that allows users to get up-to-date information about the losses of russian occupiers in the war in Ukraine using an embedded API or widget.


API requests350000+ PER DAY

Unique visitors9000+ PER DAY


Create a system that will display data received from official public sources of AFU, transform this data to make it suitable for transfer via the API and Widget

  • Detailed statistics
  • Full loss history records available
  • Real-time display of losses
  • Various API documentation
  • Сustomizable widget


Web page where users can obtain statistical data by checking the page, integrating with the API, or embedding a widget on their own page or resource. Users can also support the defence forces through charitable funds displayed on the website.
  • Backend

    • PHP
    • Laravel
  • Databases

    • MySQL
  • Infrastructure

    • LEMP
    • Docker
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  • Widget
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  • Widget
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  • Widget
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  • API
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  • Widget
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  • API